Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Three things I learned today...

1. Letting Nate play outside as much as he wants is not always a good choice. It may be good for his sensory diet, but makes for an overtired, overstimulated, exhausted and crabby child, which leads to a total meltdown at bedtime.

2. Sitting in rush hour traffic for an hour on the way home from Andy's Occupational Therapy session sucks.

3. I love 8:00. That's when both boys are in bed and I get to hear that strange sound that I don't get to hear often enough...silence.


  1. Ok, #1 is totally my world - the problem is how do you find that perfect time when he's had enough but isn't beyond that crazy point!

    And #3 is heaven to me - it's such a nice time of the day. I love my boys but I cherish 8pm every night:)

  2. Oh honey, if only class was over!