Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Getting back into a routine...

I always hate this time of year. Well, that statement may give you the wrong idea. I actually LOVE the holidays, but hate the transitions and the chaos that they bring. The transition from school to Christmas break and back to school was a tough one for my kiddos this year, as it always seems to be.

Just to complicate things, Mother Nature threw an extra added bit of fun into the mix. We had an ice storm hit right before Christmas vacation was SUPPOSED to start. So, the kiddos had two snow days on what would have been the last two days before break. That kind of threw off my plans a bit!

Surprisingly, the 18 days they ended up being off (Yes...you read that right, 18 days!!!) were very pleasant and a lot of fun. And, they got along reasonably well, despite the fact it was way too cold to do much outside.

However, the transition back to school this morning was horrendous! Nate was arguing about what his breakfast choices were. He cried when I wouldn't let him watch tv while he ate, even though we've always had a no tv before school rule. Then he was refusing to wear his coat even though it was in the 20s outside.

Andy on the other hand was moving slow as molasses and couldn't seem to remember his morning routine. I had to keep giving reminders on everything...from brushing his teeth, to finishing his breakfast. What a disaster!

Then of course both boys came home from their first day back exhausted which caused crabbiness, then periods of hyperactivity sprinkled with lots of sensory seeking. I of course get it, and have tried to be very understanding. My husband on the other hand, ran out of patience after about 5 minutes and has threatened all sorts consequences all evening long. I feel like a referee!!!

Now I'm glad to see it's almost bedtime, and thankful that we survived the back to school transition.

Let's hope tomorrow morning goes a little more smoothly!