Monday, March 22, 2010

This is the Weirdness that is SPD...

Andy went to bed 30 minutes ago. 8:00 on the every other day.

Out of the blue, nearly 30 minutes later, he comes out of his room sniffling and fake crying. He says he's really sad.

Me: Why are you sad, buddy?
Andy: You know that Panda game that Nate has?
Me: What?
Andy: You know...that Panda DS game that I played a few times right after Christmas?
Me: Um, yeah.

He hadn't played the game for months...where is this going?

Andy: I'm trying to go to sleep but I keep thinking about my Pandas and how I haven't fed them or given them anything to drink or played with them for a really long time. I wonder if they are ok. I don't think they are and I'm worried about them.
Me: Well, maybe you can play the game tomorrow after school during your video game time.
Andy: Well, I'm really worried about them and was hoping maybe you could feed them when I'm at school.
Me: That's fine, sweetie. Remind me before you go to school.
Andy: Thanks, Mom. That makes me feel much better. Goodnight.

Really? Where did that even come from? He played the game maybe twice when they got it for Christmas, and he hasn't touched it since.

What made him think of that right now? And why was he so concerned about it that he couldn't sleep and/or do anything else until he talked to me about it?

This is our SPD life...completely unexpected, every day is different, definitely a journey.


  1. its so great to finally find other SPD families nice to be 'normal' and realize that we're not the only family dealing with the crazy spontaneous stuff our kids entertain us with =)

    my kids are 'dramatic' like this...well maybe dramatic sounds negative..but you know what I mean...our last major emotional meltdown was over sloths and how they were endangered species and the giants sloths are extinct. yes really haha it's on my family blog if you want to read about's funny now, not so much at the time

  2. My son is like that. Always thinking. He remembers things from years ago. And, it will begin to bother him out of the blue. Sometimes I'm able to say the right thing. Other times I send him into total meltdown. Hope the Pandas turn out ok:)

  3. I can totally relate. Sometimes Sofia gets so obsessed over something and it causes a lot of anxiety for her, but seems so random to me! Thanks for stopping by my blog, and I'm glad to have found yours as well. Support is so great, whether online or in real life. :-)

  4. LOL I dont know if that is SPD life...or just life with a sweet kid!