Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dear Useless Worker at the Eyecare Place,

You suck. Plain and simple.

First of all, you broke Andy's eyeglass frames when we came to see you last week. Then you tried to cover for it by saying the frames were already cracked. Um, no they weren't.

You said you would order new frames and "put a rush on it."

However, after a week, I finally called the eye care place and discovered that you never even placed the order.

Luckily, your co-worker Elena is amazing. She gets the fact that you screwed up big time. She tried to correct your mistake. She told us to come in and she would put the lenses in frames she had in stock.

Unfortunately, when we got there, Andy's replacement frame choices were light blue or green...not royal blue. He doesn't want light blue or green. He wants royal blue ones like the ones he had before you broke them. And, he doesn't want to order them, he wants them RIGHT NOW.

Just so you know, my son cried when he saw his choices. He cried a lot. He cried and cried and cried right there in the lobby of your office while poor Elena stood there trying to decide what to do. Andy finally selected the light blue ones to use just until Elena could order in the royal blue ones.

But then his lenses didn't fit the light blue ones. So Andy cried some more while Elena tried to explain to us that she would order a complete new pair of glasses...new frames AND new lenses.

Too bad my seven year old SPD kiddo doesn't understand why you didn't do your job in the first place. He doesn't understand why you didn't order the frames last week. He doesn't understand why he can't have his old glasses back RIGHT THIS MINUTE.

So for that, you completely, and totally suck. You're lucky you weren't at work today.




  1. awww, Poor Andy! I wanna cry with him!

  2. Big hugs for Andy and mommy! It sucks bad enough when people screw things up for us, but to screw things up for kids? I hope it all gets straightened out soon!