Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Verdict Was...

We opened presents at the party. I left it up to Andy to make the decision. He elected to open the presents. So we did.

The day was not without drama, though. The morning was incredibly hectic, because Nate had a basketball game that started an hour before the party started. Because of that, I had to run around like a mad woman early in the morning picking up the cakes and last minute party supplies. It didn't help that the cakes were at two different places. I had the Red Dye 40 free cake to pick up at a bakery, and then I had to pick up Nate's chocolate cake at another store.

In the rush to Nate's basketball game, I realized I didn't get any balloons for the party. I called my Mom and asked her if she thought I needed any. I didn't think I did, but I needed someone else to tell me it was ok to do without balloons. Of course she told me it was fine to do without balloons. I hung up the phone and heard sobs coming from the backseat.

One quick look in the rearview mirror confirmed my suspicions...Andy was melting down because he DID want balloons at his party. We couldn't have a party without balloons. He needed balloons RIGHT NOW.

This was all my fault. First of all, I'm the one who forgot to get any balloons. Secondly, if I hadn't mentioned it, Andy probably wouldn't have even noticed.

This all happened about 2 minutes before we had to be at Nate's basketball game. I quickly called my brother in law and asked if he and my sister would run somewhere to get some balloons. Of course they agreed.

We went to the game, cut out of there early, and made it to the skating rink just in time to set up for the party. As we were getting out of the car, my amazing sister and brother in law pulled up with their car FULL of balloons.

Thank you, Missy and Chris, for saving the day!