Friday, April 20, 2012

Just Checking In...

Sorry I've been absent for so long. Life with a third has made things chaotic to say the least. LOL.

Andy has been doing very well this year. He has matured greatly and can usually manage his sensory needs fairly well. He still receives OT weekly through the school, but he hasn't needed any additional therapies for quite some time. Now if only we could get his anxiety under control...

Nate on the other hand...well, it's been a rough few months. He was doing fabulously, and then in February things went downhill fast. He started getting in trouble almost every day at school. He was sensory seeking like crazy, and would become easily excited which caused him to act out. It was a rough time! I got him back into OT, and he did really well. Things improved almost immediately. He was just discharged (again) last week.

Now baby girl has been spinning in circles. Seems harmless enough to most people, but to the Mom of two kiddos with SPD, it's an immediate red flag. I have watched her like a hawk since birth and often find myself thinking, "That could be a symptom of SPD." Now I have to just wait and see how things go with her. If she ends up with sensory issues, so be it. I can handle it. I feel like I'm almost an expert now having been through it two times before! LOL.

So, that's what's new with us. Those of you who have stuck with this blog through my absence, thank you. I hope to post more regulary now.