Monday, May 24, 2010

We just returned from the most Magical place on Earth...

We spent 7 days in Walt Disney World, and it certainly was magical.

I was worried about how Andy would do...crowds, lots of waiting in lines, overstimulation, the heat.

However, he did wonderfully. Instead of acting out when he was overwhelmed, he became very quiet and retreated into himself. He would zone out and tune everything out.

He was very loving during the trip, very complimentary, and seemed to really, truly, enjoy himself.

It really was a magical trip. I'll update in a few more days once I've caught up with life.


  1. You've officially given me hope! We're looking to take our boys to Disney in a year or two. Hearing that your son did so well makes me feel so much better about planning this trip! Glad it went so well for all of you:)

  2. Heather B--I'd heard that they often do really well, but I was nervous. It's amazing though...maybe it's the music, or all of the walking/spinning rides/fast rides/swimming. Not sure, but it went much better than I could have hoped.

  3. Hey Brandi! My name is Lindsay and my two-year-old son JD was recently diagnosed with SPD and high functioning autism (however I think it's more SPD than anything). I live in Orlando... so I thought this post was funny! I ran across your blog and I love it! Did you know that Disney has a disability pass and with it you can cut through all of the lines? You just have to go to Guest Services. I just wanted to let you know in case you go again! They recognize autism and SPD :)

  4. Hi, Lindsay! We used the Guest Assistance Pass and loved it. I think it's awesome that they make accomodations for our "special" kiddos. Welcome to my blog!