Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mr. Emotional...

Andy has been very emotional the last several days. Lots of fits, lots of crying, lots of sadness...about anything and everything.

Last week he had a morning fit. He slept in (again) and that threw him off of his schedule. Then Daddy told him he couldn't have chocolate donuts for breakfast, which sent him into an immediate high pitched cry. I was so angry at my husband for picking a fight with him about the donuts. He is the one that bought the donuts for them to eat for breakfast, so why tell Andy he can't have them? Is it really worth arguing about? Is it worth sending him into the early morning tirade that's going to throw off the rest of his day?

Then there was the crying because I couldn't find his hat and gloves and he wanted to go outside to play. My dear husband put the gloves/hat "away". In other words, he didn't want to put them where they went so he put them somewhere else where they didn't belong and neglected to tell me. So, when I went to find them they were no where to be found. Andy immediately began to cry and tear off his snow clothes. Luckily Mommy came to the rescue and found an old long lost pair for him to wear instead.

Then I got a call from the school because Andy didn't have his library book to return on library day. He was crying so hard on the phone that we couldn't understand what he was saying and my husband was beginning to panic thinking someone had kidnapped him and he was calling for help. Luckily his teacher got on the phone and explained the problem. That was an easy fix...I hopped in the car and brought him his book.

Then there was the crying because Daddy left for a business trip. I'm talking full on sobbing, barely catching his breath type of crying. It was so pitiful and sad. He would calm himself down for a minute or so, and I would think he was better, and then I would hear the sobs start to come again and he would be hysterical again. It continued on like that for quite some time, and there was nothing I could do to make it better.

Throw in the few crying fits about his brother being too loud, or playing too rough, or not doing what Andy wanted him to do on the Wii game, and it's been a mess around here.

Even as I sit here typing this, he's come inside crying two different times. The first time was because Nate threw snow at him. Now, just to clarify, they were having a snowball fight. But, I guess Andy wanted to play but not have anyone actually throw snowballs. The second time he was trying to climb on the neighbor's retaining wall (which he knows he's not supposed to do) and fell and bumped his head. He of course tried to say it was his brother's fault, but I gently reminded him that he isn't supposed to be climbing on the wall anyway, so it was his own fault for doing something he knows is not safe. After the second time I told him maybe he should take his snow clothes off and just come inside, to which he responded with instant tears and crying.

I'm not sure if it's just a bad week, if something we're doing isn't helping, or what. I'm just overwhelmed with all of the emotion, and trying really hard to not say, "Just get over it!" I mean, I'm not trying to sound callous, but give me a break! I've had about all the crying I can take for the week. I'm pretty sure if it continues too much more I'll be sitting on the kitchen floor crying myself.

And then who will I complain to?

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