Wednesday, April 7, 2010

This Momma Bear is on the war path...Better watch out!

I know all mothers have "Momma Bear" moments...those moments when our protective instincts are heightened and we just want to battle to our death to protect our little cubs. I am in full blown Momma Bear mode, and let me tell you why.

I picked Nate up from daycare today. He goes two days a week for 5 hours. His daycare provider has been in business for 30+ years, is licensed, etc. Nate has gone to her for 2 years now.

Nate was really quiet when I picked him up today. I asked him what was going on, and he said he was sad because his daycare provider wouldn't let him have his blankie during his nap.

Now, both of my boys have EXTREME attachment to their blankets. Attachments to blankets, stuffed animals, etc, is very common in SPD kiddos.

Nate literally has to take his blanket in the car everywhere. We don't leave the house without it. Even for 5 minutes. He has to know that it's there just in case. He takes it into school inside his backpack. He never gets it out, he never uses it at school, but he knows it's there. He's taken it to daycare every time to use during naps and it's never been an issue.

Nate "smells" his blanket. He holds it with his hands right up by his mouth and under his nose. He does it while watching tv, when he sleeps, when riding in the car, etc. It's his comfort item, his security blanket.

He's been even more attached to it the last few months. I'm sure it's related to his emerging SPD issues. Sometimes when we are about to get out of the car he reaches back, grabs his blanket, gives it one last "smell" and then he's good to go.

I don't care if he still uses a blanket. I don't care if he needs to take his blanket with him in the car everywhere we go. I don't care if we have to pack it in a backpack to take into the movies with us.

So, why in the hell did she refuse to let him use it today? He said she told him he couldn't have it during his nap today because big kids don't use blankets.

"She lied, though, Mom. Because I'm a big kid and I use a blankie," he said.

"Yes, sweetie. You are a big kid. And big kids CAN have blankets," I said.

I wanted to call her right then and there and read her the riot act. Who cares if he uses his blanket? Why choose today for it to suddenly be an issue?

Nate said he refused to lay on his cot because she wouldn't let him have his blankie. He said that she then yelled at him and told him he had to lay down. He said he didn't want to lay down without his blankie, but he finally did.

"I was really sad without my blankie, Mom," he said.

This Momma Bear is SERIOUSLY angry. There will be several discussions over the next few days with the daycare provider. Nate will most definitely be allowed to have his blankie next week when he goes.

Otherwise this Momma Bear's claws will be coming out.


  1. Wow Brandi! SOunds like she was in a bad mood. Poor Nate! I hope your discussions go well and you can get her straightened out.

  2. Grrrrr! I'm in Momma Bear mode for you. I would be so angry. That is just ridiculous. It's so not her place to determine he's too big for a blanket.

  3. I agree with what all the other commenters said, I hope that the daycare person changes her attitude and quick... cause she is cruisin' for a time out...

  4. I'd be livid. My son has his "buddies", stuffed animals he sleeps with, and he is allowed (our rule, otherwise he'd bring all 100 or so of them) to bring two with him when we go anywhere. His daycare has never had a problem with him having them with him at all. He's certainly not the only kid in his class to need a "lovey" at naptime!

  5. What even happened with this? Did she explain why she wouldn't let him have it? That is just crazy and mean!

  6. Forgot to update! She said it was warm, so she told the kiddos they didn't need their blankets. He's used it every day since without incident. Ugh.