Tuesday, April 6, 2010

So the week didn't get better...

After my last post, I hoped the week would get better. It didn't.

I shouldn't have expected it to. The boys had Good Friday off, then there was Easter Sunday, and you all know what holidays do to our SPD kids. Then they had Easter Monday off.

Now here we are on Tuesday, and the kids are a wreck. Andy is crying over everything, Nate is throwing fits left and right. Lots of tantrums, yelling, talking back, etc.

I'm really hoping they will regulate by the end of the week. I hope they get back to "our" normal really soon.


  1. I hear ya! Sofia seemed to be improving and then of course sugar overload on Easter led to all out meltdowns. She's actually wearing dresses instead of pajamas for the first time in 5 weeks, though. I'll take what I can get! Hope you guys are back to "normal" soon.

  2. I'm feeling your pain! We've had family in town for 2 weeks, my youngest son's birthday party, Easter and now a trip to the family cabin. My poor son is a mess. He cries over "nothing" and can't stop himself. He's back to not being able to sleep again, even with weighted blankets. I'm hoping for some semblence of "normal" soon myself. Good luck to you!