Thursday, January 28, 2010

It's Been a Rough Few Days

Andy slept in again yesterday. That throws him off big time. Then his Daddy told him he couldn't have what he wanted for breakfast and it all went downhill from there.

I hate when the morning starts with drama. He gets all worked up, and then it just spills over into the rest of his day.

This morning it was something entirely different. Andy came in and was dressed in mismatched clothes. I seriously wanted to laugh at him and ask if he was kidding, but he was so proud for getting himself dressed without having to be asked a million times. He had on a bright red hoodie (his clothing item of choice) and maroon gym pants with a navy stripe down the side.

Me: "Sweetie, that shirt doesn't go with those pants."

Andy: "Well, this is what I want to wear and I'm not changing it."

Me: "You just need to change either your shirt or your pants."

Andy: "Nope. I'm wearing this."

Me: "Why don't you put some jeans on with that sweatshirt?"

Andy: "Because I don't want to wear anything that I have to button."


He's getting to the point that he will not wear jeans or pants with snaps. His fine motor skills are lagging, and he can't button or snap well. He used to wear his jeans and just pull them up or down without unsnapping them. Then he started just leaving them unsnapped all the time and just using the zipper. Now I've noticed lately that he keeps wearing the same 3 pairs of gym pants over and over again.

I probably should have just let him wear the mismatched clothes. It certainly wouldn't have hurt anything. I just had a really hard time letting him go to school without matching. Isn't that weird? I wonder why it was such a big deal to me.

Guess I'd better head to the store and hope that someone still has Nike pants for sale. Sigh.

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