Thursday, January 7, 2010

Below Freezing Temperatures, Snow, and SPD do not mix

Today is a snow day. I remember, as a kid, praying to hear my school on the list of closings when the weather was bad. Now, as an adult, I dread it. One of the worst things to do with Andy is disrupt his schedule. Don't get me wrong...he loves getting out of school. It just isn't good for his SPD. Any deviation from the norm causes him anxiety, and when he does eventually go back to school, he's going to be all out of whack.

Unfortunately, the snow came overnight and school was cancelled. The kids woke up, saw the snow, and started cheering and yelling. Then they immediately asked to go play in the snow. Andy wanted to build a snowman. Too bad it's the light fluffy snow that you can't make a snowman with.

The boys finally convinced me to go outside in the below freezing temperatures. We spent a good 15 minutes bundling up against the cold...including snow pants, snow boots, gloves, and hats. We got outside, Andy shoveled one or two shovels of snow, made a snow angel, and asked to go back inside. LOL! He lasted 10 minutes and then went inside. I asked him if he wants to go back outside later and he said no way.

I hope the snow goes away so he can return to school and get back on schedule. Until then I guess we'll stay inside in the warmth.

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