Monday, November 8, 2010

How far we've come...

It was about this time last year...the change of seasons...that Nate started to really show symptoms of SPD. It started with his socks. He had to have them pulled up really high, and he only liked a certain style. Then his pants...he wanted to only wear elastic waist pants, and he had to have them pulled up halfway to his nipples like a grandpa. Then he only wanted to wear long sleeves...he couldn't stand for his arms to not be covered.

Yet this year we've had no clothing issues. He progressed from shorts and short sleeves to jeans and long sleeves with no problems. His tactile issues seem to be nonexistent.

Honestly, since we completed his therapeutic listening program, and his course of OT, I really haven't had any SPD issues with him at all. I knew his was a mild case...I mean, he didn't show any symptoms for years and then all of a sudden had a few clothing issues. It really caught me off guard, actually, because I truly thought I wasn't going to have any sensory issues with him.

I'm sure from time to time little issues will creep up, and when they do, I know how to handle them.

But boy, does it feel good knowing that he has come so far in such a short time.